Automobile Specialist Since 2000

At Independent Import Auto, we know what it’s like to deal with mechanics and automotive technicians. Our customers trust us to be fair, honest, and dependable on every job.

We are a full service auto shop offering many expertise that may define us, from the typical that you find in our industry.

Vehicle Maintenance

Make sure your vehicle is running smoothly all the time with regular maintenance services including oil checks, battery changes, brake checks and inspections….

Dedicated Mechanics

Experiencing car troubles? let our experienced diagnostic expert determine how best to repair your vehicle and provide clear details on what next steps are best for your vehicle. Repairs are completed by experienced mechanics in a timely manner.

Diagnostics Specialists

We the latest diagnostic equipment specific to the vehicle to communicate to various computer modules. We can diagnose all vehicle electrical equipment by analyzing causes of failure or condition.

At iiauto we specialize in knowing the vehicle electrical and computer systems. Our technicians are trained as auto electricians in keeping with the industry changes.